Category: Work We Admire

Gravity. Wow.

10/10/13 4:46AM

For sound guys, going to the movies can lead to any number of emotions. Whispering to your movie date that the line you just heard was badly dubbed, will likely not lead to another movie date. We’re easily distracted. Sometimes though, we can be transported and enveloped in the world the director imagined. The latter […]

Nothing like a heartfelt jingle

09/18/13 2:17PM

Or eating a burger while riding a horse. If someone will retrieve the job and get us the splits, we’ll remix and master it in 5.1 glory. (We’ll even color correct it!)

Dick’s Sporting Goods – Every Snap

08/15/13 2:44PM

This has to be one of my favorite spots of the year. Anomaly has done some great work for Dick’s Sporting Goods this year, including the “Swing Your Swing” golf spot we mixed/sound designed back in January. When I first saw “Every Snap” spot on air, I was blown away. Anomaly takes an unlikely scene, the […]