Category: New Work

Riot on the Dance Floor

10/06/14 9:06PM

No Slam Dancing, No Stage Diving, No Spikes. Punk Rock attitude a must. Wall of death optional. Please don’t sue. Earlier this year Brian Goodheart mixed the awesome documentary Riot on the Dance Floor about DJ Randy Now and the punk rock haven, City Gardens. Members of bands like Descendents, Dead Kennedys, Fugazi, Minor Threat, […]

Amy Poehler Derails a Job Interview for Old Navy

03/08/14 4:25PM

She is just perfect. Amy Poehler is empowered with corner office status in Old Navy’s hilarious new “Job Interview” spot out of Chandelier Creative and Rock Paper Scissors NY. Poehler, who also helped write and direct for the campaign, is as lovable as ever with her deadpan delivery. We were cracking up during the mix […]

Sir Malcolm Campbell: ‘The Man Who Couldn’t Slow Down’ by Sonic Union, Droga5 and Hennessy

11/13/13 9:35PM

Hennessy and Droga5 teamed up with mixer David Papa bring to life the new :90 film “The Man Who Couldn’t Slow Down.” The spot flashes back to the 1920s to follow speed record chaser Sir Malcolm Campbell on his unrelenting quest to break the world land-speed record nine times. The film is the latest installation […]

Liam Neeson Makes the Invisible, Visible

08/19/13 5:35PM

“Just because you can’t see violence, doesn’t mean it isn’t there,” says Liam Neeson in this chilling PSA for UNICEF. David Papa provided the mix, featuring sound design by Machine Head’s Stephen Dewey. Liam Neeson, a longtime supporter of UNICEF, describes why he supports this campaign in Adweek.