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The winners of the 2014 AICE Awards were announced at a gala event last night in New York City, with honors going to top talent in the commercial post production industry. We are proud to announce that we took home the award for Audio Mix for David Papa’s work on Hennessy’s  “The Man Who Couldn’t Slow Down”, out of Droga5. In addition to this award, all of the other Sonic Union mixers contributed to nominated spots of the evening, with spots mixed by Paul Weiss, Rob McIver, Steve Rosen, Michael Marinelli and Brian Goodheart up for awards. Steve Rosen took home the Audio Mix Award in 2012, the award’s inaugural year, for his work on Verizon “Supercollider”. You can check out all of this year’s winners here. Congrats to all of last night’s winners and finalists!


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Jump back to pre-Sonic Union days with this gem. David stumbled upon this hilarious spot that Mike mixed with Alec Brownstein for livewithoutED. It’s unexpected, uncomfortable, and it still has us cracking up to this day.



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She is just perfect. Amy Poehler is empowered with corner office status in Old Navy’s hilarious new “Job Interview” spot out of Chandelier Creative and Rock Paper Scissors NY. Poehler, who also helped write and direct for the campaign, is as lovable as ever with her deadpan delivery. We were cracking up during the mix session. Check it HERE.

Old Navy - Job Interview

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Sonic Union adds regarded mixer and sound designer Fernando Ascani to their union. Ascani has lent his audio acumen to Cannes Lions and Clio Award winning campaigns for Xbox, as well as projects for P&G, DSW, Victoria’s Secret and more. His first projects out of Sonic Union have included campaigns for Honda and DSW. Ascani comes to Sonic Union from Headroom.


Says Sonic Union Co-Founder/Managing Director Adam Barone: “We’ve known Fernando through Steve Rosen for quite some time and couldn’t be more excited to have him on the team. He has an exceptional reputation with a diverse and loyal client base that we plan to expand. It’s also a big moment for Sonic Union as all of our other mixers have been with us from the start or have been developed in-house. Fernando is our first ‘signed’ mixer.” Adds Ascani, “Steve Rosen has been a friend and mentor since our days at hsr|ny, so this feels like a natural, full-circle moment.  Sonic Union already feels like home.”

“Since opening, we’ve long awaited the moment that we could bring Fernando on board,” adds Rosen. “Thankfully, the stars all aligned and the timing was finally right. I’ve known Fernando since his rookie days as an assistant, and couldn’t be happier to finally have him on our team.”

New Jersey-native Ascani began his career at hsr|ny and continued at Headroom in New York, always working on a myriad of campaigns for some of the biggest brands and agencies in the business. In 2008, he mixed two spots for Xbox/Halo, “Enemy Weapon” and “Hunted,” that won Clio, Andy and Cannes Lions awards.

Additionally, Ascani is one of the founding family members of the much-loved music publication, The FADER Magazine. Fernando, along with a group of friends, started the Cornerstone Mixtape out of his apartment.  After 10 years, this tool to help get music artists radio play is still going strong and dubbed “the music industry’s mixtape”.

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The Philippines, a country of around 7107 islands located in the Pacific Rim of Fire, bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea, faces its share of natural calamities on a regular basis. Typhoon season wreaks havoc every year, disrupting lives by bringing down houses, power lines, trees, and flooding roads making traffic even more of a mess than it already is. Needless to say, people are used to it. But nothing could have prepared any country for the destruction of Typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda as it was called in the Philippines.

It struck in November and the world watched as it made landfall landing first on the eastern islands of the country. Winds of over 186 miles per hour and a dreadful storm surge battered the islands. The casualty rate kept rising. The world watched as the effects and devastation became more and more clear. It was a disaster such as no one has ever seen, but it was unclear at first how badly it affected the hardest hit areas because communication lines were down, and the airports were inoperable for the first few days. Eventually, news started to trickle in. It was worse than anyone could have imagined. Aerial views of the areas before and after the typhoon were giving the world an idea of the physical damage. Pictures of handwritten notes of family and friends trying to reach their loved ones, or trying to get a message out to loved ones in other parts of the country and abroad, were heartbreaking.

I had planned a trip already to visit the Philippines towards the end of November into December. I was to travel with my mom and my partner in crime, Clay, and we were going because there was going to be a memorial for the first death anniversary of my grandfather, but also for a nice vacation since I haven’t been back in 5 years. It was going to be Clay’s first time and I was very excited to be the tour guide and translator this time for my world traveler of a partner. After the storm struck however, people asked if I was still going and if it was even feasible to go. I assured them it was going to be fine since the destruction was localized and we were not going to be in the areas of the damage. I looked forward to it. I had plenty of opportunities here to help and Sonic Union started a fundraiser. So many people gave help in the form of money, time, and sincere words of concern and prayers for those affected. I felt like it would be nice to be in my homeland to be closer to my countrymen during a time of difficulty and attempts at recovery. It was also going to be nice to see family and friends again.

And so we went. It was WONDERFUL. People asked me if I felt a difference because of the typhoon and because we didn’t go to the affected areas, I didn’t see any of the damage, but people in the rest of the country were doing their part. Companies toned down their usual big Christmas parties and opted for smaller affairs, donating the money instead to the victims. Hearts and thoughts and prayers kept going out. Aside from these, the country was as fun and as delightful as ever. I enjoyed taking Clay to the places I spent my childhood in. I introduced him to family and friends I’ve been talking about for years. We ate food, ate food, ate food, drank, relaxed, explored, took in lots of culture, had fun. Did I mention we also ate some food?

Here I am about to dig into some fresh lobster from the market behind Boracay.

photo 2

Where is Boracay you may ask? It’s in the middle of the Philippines in the province of Aklan. It’s a worldwide tourist destination and it’s paradise defined.


But before you get too jealous and start cursing the closest New Yorker you can find for bringing the wrath of winter, let me tell you about living in paradise. First we got there  at about 8:30 but we couldn’t check in until 1:00, so we lounged beachside for hours. Sometimes when we got too hot (and it gets hot) we would swim in the 77 degree ocean. We even got dangerously close to sunburned. One time when we were snorkeling looking at the marvelous marine life I felt some stings on my arm and face which our tour guide said might have been a jellyfish brushing past me. It stung and burned for a few minutes. I even got a swollen track of red on my arm.

So don’t feel too bad about being in a rainy 48 degree city. In between fresh seafood meals, massages, sun bathing and clear blue water swimming in a tropical island, there lurk certain dangers. I even had sand stuck in my scalp for days! Sometimes it would be on my face and look funny with my tan! Being on the beach is a big job, but I took one for the team ;)

We promised the people who donated to the Sonic Union fundraiser little gifts from the Philippines to say thank you for their generous donation. A lot of these gifts are from Sagada, Mountain Province, in the northern part of the Philippines. For those who got honey, here’s a glimpse of where those bees feed.

photo 3

A month after our trip and two months after the typhoon struck, people are still trying desperately to get their lives back together. It will be a long road. But thanks to the kindness of people around the world (generous people like you guys), the victims are slowly trying to get there. The spirit and strength of the people affected will always be an inspiration. Filipinos are always said to be like bamboo in the wind. We sway and bend, but we never break. This latest calamity serves as proof of this again and stands as testament of the uncanny ability of the human spirit to get back up after we fall down. The typhoon also showed again the inherent kindness of people. The outpouring of support and love was overwhelming.

For this, for many other things, we here at Sonic Union would like to say thank you so much again from the bottom of our hearts. Your generosity will vibrate forever. It is as warm as the rays of the sun and as infinite as the sky.

Gratitude and love,

Kristine and the family of Sonic Union




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Well this is some way to close out 2013! Congrats to Paul Weiss and David Papa for landing spots on SHOOTOnline’s Top Tracks of 2013 List! Paul was the mixer on McCann’s “Science Project” for Verizon FiOS and David mixed Droga5’s The Man That Couldn’t Slow Down” for Hennessy. We were happy to be a part of these two great campaigns.

Science Project, which includes a tie-in to Marvel’s Iron Man 3, took the top prize for Q2 on SHOOT’s list back in June 2013. Though the spot is more of a comedic storyline, sound plays a crucial element. In fact, some of the Iron Man sound effects were from the film itself. Says Paul, “…as an engineer, it’s exactly the kind of spot you want to be mixing.”

“The Man Who Couldn’t Slow Down,” which chronicles Sir Malcolm Campbell’s quest to break the land speed record, claimed the number 2 spot in the final quarter of 2013. The film is a continuation of Hennessy’s “Never Stop. Never Settle” campaign which started back in 2012. “This campaign definitely has a cinematic quality to it. To tell a story like this in :90 seconds is very impressive,” says David.

Another successful year in the books! We’ll see ya in 2014.