By Steve Rosen in Dad Pride

It’s been a good couple of weeks! A bunch of Sonic Union work was shortlisted by AICE and AMP, and we shared the AMP Award for Outstanding Mix with our friends at Sound Lounge. It means a lot coming from AMP. And while it’s great to be recognized for work you submit to awards committees, it’s somehow more a point of pride for me how much of the work nominated in other non-sound-specific categories had Sonic Union’s imprint. In a prior AICE awards show, every Sonic Union mixer was represented in different categories. That felt good.

We can all maybe agree that shiny things are nice, but knowing that we’ve built a company and a culture to be proud of on every level is what’s made this journey matter for me. Here’s some of the award winning work we were a part of this season;


AICE Award Winners

Color Grading – Over :90

Squarespace – John’s Journey

Digital Content – :90 and Under

Adidas Originals – Original Is Never Finished

National Campaign

Under Armour – Make That Old


AMP Award Winners

Best In Show

Adidas Originals – Original Is Never Finished

Outstanding Adaptation/Arrangement

Adidas Originals – Original Is Never Finished

Most Effective Music In A Campaign

Google Pixel – Made By Google

Outstanding Mix

Under Armour – Make That Old

And one additional finalist that makes me especially proud…

Sound Design

Adidas Y-3 – Adidas Y-3 Spring/Summer Collection

With sound design and mix by our own Owen Shearer and Brian Goodheart.

That’s the stuff that keeps me going…