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We created Sonic Union for you. To realize the mix that you have in your head. It’s your sunlit home above the park to enjoy before we ship that mother out. Record. Mix. Play. Then stay….

Sonic Union is a leader in NYC Audio Post Production. We love what we do, and we do it often… We specialize in Recording, Mixing, Sound Design, Radio, Casting, and Digital Deliverables.

Check out some audio goodies.

Featured Audio Production

  • Nov 21, 6:10pm: Thanksgiving Lunch courtesy of @TheMeatballShop! That's historically accurate right??
  • Nov 18, 6:11pm: Thanks @sourceecreative for including us and @PureGrowth in your newsletter today! http://t.co/EOGWr1EpJQ
  • Nov 18, 4:18pm: It's days like today that make you dread having to walk into the air conditioned machine room. #freezing
  • Nov 13, 2:08am: Congratulations to Owen for nabbing 1st Place for Sound Design in this year's AICE Camp Kuleshov! http://t.co/R5t0aawIq2
  • Nov 11, 7:39pm: A big thank you to all of those who have served our country! #VeteransDay http://t.co/1MtGK88SpI
  • Nov 07, 4:13pm: Tim and Eric made a Totino's commercial and it's everything we could've dreamed of. http://t.co/iYFJoON53m http://t.co/oigjLNCmCq