David Papa & Hennessy Bring Home the 2014 AICE Award

BBDO’s Powerful Ads Offer a Glimpse into the 9/11 Memorial Museum

Spotify & Droga5 Show Us the Power of Music


We created Sonic Union for you. To realize the mix that you have in your head. It’s your sunlit home above the park to enjoy before we ship that mother out. Record. Mix. Play. Then stay….

Featured Work

At Sonic Union, we love what we do and do it often… (We also specialize in Audio Post: Record/Mix, Sound Design, RadioCasting, and Digital Deliverables.) Check out some stuff.


  • Jul 24, 4:25pm: "Make the logo bigger" - the difference between logo and brand @Digiday http://t.co/50wUdh9w5L
  • Jul 23, 7:41pm: Kristine's famous homemade ice cream is back! This week: Peanut Butter & Jelly!! (OMG) http://t.co/YZnys6cxgm
  • Jul 23, 6:29pm: Life size, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-style pizza thrower?! We're in. @pizzahut http://t.co/SwGv12nxsM
  • Jul 22, 4:32pm: Upcoming social experiment from @Heineken and @wknyc promises to break you out of your rut http://t.co/y3kED5I9nG #RoutineInterruptions
  • Jul 17, 9:33pm: Relationship Status: Pizza http://t.co/lONN21CDvx
  • Jul 16, 6:49pm: Astronaut-Chic kicks from @generalelectric represent "an evolution of branded content." Prepare for takeoff http://t.co/vHae4H3s8b @Adweek